NBP Free Downloads

Welcome to the Free Downloads section of NBP Retouch Tools!

Actually, apart from the occasional freebie we give away, there is no such section.   

Here's the thing: We know that a lot of Google searches that find our site start with "free download" or even "cracked versions" etc, and some searches are done with the hope of finding illegally pirated copies of our tools.

We encourage you to not pirate our products, for a few reasons:

  1. Pirated versions of software of any kind, here in the modern era, are often laced with malware, spyware, etc.   Is it worth saving the price of an Actions set, so you can end up with spyware that could lead to identity theft?
  2. NBP sets a price for every product and set of tools reasonably and fairly, with no outrageously priced "USD$500 for 10 Actions" type of things, ever.  We want to run our business, of course, but we want to help artists all over the world have access to our tools.
  3. Just be honest and decent.  NBP is not a massive company like Adobe, etc.  Nino Batista runs NBP Retouch Tools with a couple of key partners, and is by all definitions a "small company".   Pirating our already inexpensive products takes away from our revenue, which allows us to continue making and improving NBP products for everyone.
  4. NBP Plugins (CMX2, etc) undergo minor (and not-so-minor) updates from time to time, and if you are not a licensed owner, you will not be made aware nor sent the updates as they are released.  Support is also only available for official NBP Plugins customers.

We aren't upset with you if you found this page on our site while searching for pirated versions of our software, but we do really want you to reconsider before you do such a thing.   NBP is a company run by artists for artists, and our customers mean literally everything to us.  Become a customer, and you will see why!