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Freyja Rae Color Gradients: A.I. MidJourney

Freyja Rae Color Gradients: A.I. MidJourney

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Freyja Rae Color – A.I. MidJourney Gradients for Photoshop. As artificial intelligence image creation technology continues to evolve, the MidJourney platform has broken away into the forefront of the public's eye regarding computer-generated visual art (stemming from user prompts).    

Immediately following this surge in visibility for MidJourney as tens of thousands of people jumped on the system and started posting their own generated "pieces", Nino Batista noticed a rather distinct color strata that in all of the output that he saw.   Even when prompted to work with specific colors, MidJourney still produces images that have an obtuse sort of consistency to them in terms of color.   After becoming a MidJourney supporter and subscriber, Nino employed the system to create images prompted by direct, color intensive inputs and nearly random, abstract inputs.  

In a roundabout way, this Photoshop Gradient collection was produced by A.I.   How so?

Compiling all these images, Nino then extracted the palettes from around 50 of his favorite results and created this new Photoshop Gradient collection.   Uniquely MidJourney, beautifully diverse, this collection of color gradients can be used in countless ways in your photography for creative color.

Tips on how to use Freyja Rae de Vil Gradients:

  • Install the Actions (.atn file) that comes with this set.
  • Install the gradients (.grd file) into your Gradient palette in Photoshop.
  • Run the desired Action to automatically set up a gradient map adjustment layer to either color grade your entire shot, or just a specific luminosity range.
  • Try out any of the gradients from the Freyja Rae collection. Adjust opacity, blend modes, blend-if and masking as needed.

How to install Gradients into Photoshop (Mac or Windows):

Contains gradients extracted directly from MidJourney generated pieces with input prompts by Nino Batista.

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Compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system.

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