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Freyja Rae Color Gradients Inspo: Monet

Freyja Rae Color Gradients Inspo: Monet

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Freyja Rae Color Gradient Inspo: Claude Monet for Photoshop. His sweeping pieces are the backdrop to what many consider the gold standard of the impressionist movement, Claude Monet has a style that is undeniable and beloved the world over.

Nino Batista gathered together his favorite Monet works, and created gradients for Photoshop from the color palettes of these works.   Not exactly pastel, but not overly  saturated, Monet's color vision was categorically his own, and now you can add those colors to your work in various ways.  

Tips on how to use Freyja Rae de Vil Gradients:

  • Install the Actions (.atn file) that comes with this set.
  • Install the gradients (.grd file) into your Gradient palette in Photoshop.
  • Run the desired Action to automatically set up a gradient map adjustment layer to either color grade your entire shot, or just a specific luminosity range.
  • Try out any of the gradients from the Freyja Rae Inspo collection. Adjust opacity, blend modes, masking and blend-if as needed.

How to install Gradients into Photoshop (Mac or Windows):

Contains 30 gradients curated by Nino Batista, from many pieces by Claude Monet.

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Compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system.

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