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Freyja Rae Color: LUTs Chromatica Collection

Freyja Rae Color: LUTs Chromatica Collection

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Freyja Rae Color: LUTs Chromatica Collection.  Ideal for photos and video, this LUT set gives you creative freedom to really pump color with a more blended-in look, in Photoshop, and/or to your videos using Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and many other video applications. 

Adding strong color grading is always a good time, and that's where Freyja Rae Chromatica LUTs are perfect for your photo or video work.  Add big doses of bold color that meshes well with your existing colors of your image.    The Chromatica LUT collection was created with the idea that you can, and should, adjust opacity / intensity to really dial in what you are after.  This is why these LUTs are so strong!  

As with any LUTs, try multiple ones on your image or video clips, and even stack them and adjust opacity and blending modes as needed – on either photo or video.  A great LUTs collection should only be the start of your color journey!  

Contains 40 LUTs created by Nino Batista.  (The samples shown created with LUTs from this collection, some have been opacity adjusted for a more pleasing result, per Nino.)

Compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer, and most all current video applications. LUTs come in 3DL, CUBE, CSP, and ICC formats (64 grid points).  Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system. 

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