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NBP Actions: 🪄 Magic Automatic for Photoshop

NBP Actions: 🪄 Magic Automatic for Photoshop

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NBP Actions: 🪄 Magic Automatic: NBP's best selling Action for Photoshop.  When you need your glamour edits done and need them done now, its time to call on NBP Magic Automatic for Adobe Photoshop.   This Action is a (nearly) instant final glamour retouch, taking your edit to "at least 90% done", if not entirely done (depending on your vision).  

For those familiar with the NBP "Glam Skin: Auto" Actions for Photoshop, you may have been one of the many who requested a truly "turn key", fully automated, do-all-the-things automatic glamour retouch process.   Click and done, basically.  Read on to learn why this is our most popular Photoshop Action ever.

With over 100 steps programmed in the Action, NBP Magic Automatic is as fast as Photoshop can get to create "content creator grade" glamour edits for social media, paywall platforms, and more, in (basically) a single click.  Nothing replaces a proper, detailed retouching workflow, but as any working glamour photographer will tell you, content is king and time is money.   

You can even use this Action in the Image Processor in Photoshop, and any other way to batch run an Action across a folder of images.  

What NBP Magic Automatic does:

  • Creates and processes an automatic frequency separation skin smoothing method to get that "glamour skin polished" look.
  • Compensates for reduced contrast to the skin.
  • Adds some texture back to the skin.
  • Balances the skin tone hue to be more consistent.
  • Sharpens the skin texture a bit.
  • Automatically averages the core color of the shot, and its inverse, and applies an "automated toning wash" to enhance and harmonize the existing overall colors of your shot.
  • Automatically averages the shadow, midtone, and highlight colors to further enhance the colors of your shot.
  • Luminosity compression to balance the final look.

Tips on how to use NBP Magic Automatic:

  • Do all your raw work in ACR, Lightroom, or Capture One (even if its just white balance and exposure) to get the basic correction done.
  • Open your shot in Photoshop.
  • Immediately run NBP Magic Automatic Action.
  • Let the Action run (may take a few seconds or a minute or so)
  • Usually its good to mask out the hair on the final processed layer (mask is automatically added to the layer so you can mask out things quickly) as hair tones tend to "spill" into skin tones and can get over-processed.
  • Adjust opacity of the final processed layer to taste.
  • Heal any remaining problem areas that you want removed.  These spots will be significantly reduced, if not removed, after the Action runs, making healing a breeze.
  • Do any liquify work, additional fx work, and color grading if needed, as needed.  This will depend on your style and vision, of course.  

NOTE: Major reconstructions / rebuilds will not be fixed by NBP Magic Automatic, but almost all skin issues will be at least reduced.  Experiment with doing major reconstructions before and after you run NBP Magic Automatic to see how it works best for you. 

Contains the all-in-one, get it done Action, "NBP Magic Automatic".  All samples seen here were done with NBP Magic Automatic.   Works on your high resolution files, and 16 bit, etc. This is not a phone app, but instead an Action that leverages Photoshop's power in a smart way to get you a fast "glamour content creator" result. Literally in seconds. 

Results will be inconsistent or not succeed if Action is run on an image that is already in black and white (monochrome).  It is recommended to convert your shots to black and white after you run this Action.    

If you are after a similar result, but want more control, go with NBP Glam Skin: Auto.

Compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system.

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