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NBP Actions: 🪄 Magic Automatic 2023 for Photoshop

NBP Actions: 🪄 Magic Automatic 2023 for Photoshop

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🪄 Magic Automatic 2023 "Magic Pack": NBP's best selling instant Action for Photoshop providing glamour skin retouching at an affordable price. It;s back, hugely expanded and better than ever for 2023.

For glamour content creators, time is money, and NBP's new Magic Automatic 2023 "Magic Pack" will yield far better and more consistent results, plus have flexible options for when you want to dial things in a little or a lot more customized, when you need to get retouching done ASAP. Also includes secondary Actions for prepping your images for Instagram posting and more.

Magic Automatic has been NBP's best selling Actions set because it uses the same familiar tools in Photoshop you are likely used to, is super affordable and it just plain works.  Magic Automatic for 2023 is better in every single way compared to the original, and is the perfect choice for hyper fast glamour skin editing at a moment's notice without busting your budget. 

We know, nothing replaces a proper, real workflow for high-end skin retouching when the project calls for it.  But, when you need glamour skin looks for social media in seconds (and with minimal compromise) that's where Magic Automatic supremely helps you out.

Be sure to watch the videos to see how it works, and download sample Before & After files to review, so you know what Magic Automatic is capable of:

Download full resolution "Before & After" samples here:

What NBP Magic Automatic does:

  • Creates and processes an automatic skin smoothing function to get that "glamour skin polished" look, in seconds, now updated to an entirely new method that achieves more realistic results (compared to original Magic).
  • Compensates for reduced contrast to the skin.
  • Skin tone range is extracted using chroma data for accurate skin masks.
  • Options to add noise and fake skin texture to help the shot look more "glamour perfect" after the process is run.
  • Balances the skin tone hue to be more consistent.
  • Extracts the original skin texture at the highest frequencies, so you can bring back "wanted" texture after "unwanted" texture is reduced. 
  • Luminosity and saturation compression to balance the final look.
  • Options to add "glamour skin hues" via an automated skin mask using gradient maps.
  • Full automatic, semi-automatic, and layered variations so you can use exactly what you need for your workflow. 
  • Able to be batched using Photoshop's Image Processor function.
  • Options to instantly prep your images for Instagram use (including quickly make vertical shots 4:5 ratio to avoid being cropped on Instagram.)

Tips on how to use NBP Magic Automatic:

  • Do all your raw work in ACR, Lightroom, or Capture One (even if its just white balance and exposure) to get the basic correction done.
  • Open your shot in Photoshop.
  • Ensure your Subject Selection preference is set to "Cloud Processing" for more accurate subject selecting by Photoshop.
  • Then run NBP Magic Automatic Action.
  • Let the Action run (may take a few seconds or a minute or so)
  • Usually its good to mask out the hair on the final processed layer (mask is automatically added to the layer so you can mask out things quickly) as hair tones tend to "spill" into skin tones and can get over-processed.
  • Adjust opacity of the final processed layer to taste.
  • Heal any remaining problem areas that you want removed.  These spots will be significantly reduced, if not removed, after the Action runs, making healing a breeze.
  • Do any liquify work, additional fx work, and color grading if needed, as needed.  This will depend on your style and vision, of course.  

NOTE: Major reconstructions / rebuilds will not be fixed by NBP Magic Automatic, but almost all skin issues will be at least reduced.  Experiment with doing major reconstructions before and after you run NBP Magic Automatic to see how it works best for you. 

All samples seen here were done with NBP Magic Automatic 2023.  

Works on your high resolution files, 16 bit, etc. This is not a phone app, but instead an Action that leverages Photoshop's power in a smart way to get you a fast "glamour content creator" result. Literally in seconds. 

Magic Automatic will not succeed at all if Action is run on an image that is already in black and white (monochrome).  It is recommended to convert your shots to black and white after you run this Action.    

Compatible with Photoshop CC23 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system.

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