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NBP Actions: RGB>HSB Control for Photoshop

NBP Actions: RGB>HSB Control for Photoshop

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FREE NBP Actions. A lot of useful things can be done when you convert your RGB image to HSB temporarily, usually done with Photoshop's HSB/HSL filter. However, anyone who has used that filter knows that it's not entirely convenient because you have to commit to whatever you change when you convert back to RGB, and you can't see the results you are getting as you modify H, S or B in the channels. Today, Nino has a FREE Action for you to download that gives you the same control of HSB right on your layers palette, so you can see the changes as you modify things and don't have to commit until it looks the way you want. Then, stamp to a new layer and keep working. Easy. Watch the video for the explanation

Contains 1 Photoshop Action that gets the job done instantly, with no more committing to the HSB/HSL filter without previewing your results.

Compatible with Photoshop CC23 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system.

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