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NBP Retouch Tools

NBP Actions 10: Harmonize + Tone for Photoshop

NBP Actions 10: Harmonize + Tone for Photoshop

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NBP Actions 10: Harmonize + Tone:  The most powerful "behind the scenes" Actions ever from NBP.  You need these and don't even realize it.

These Actions work with the existing colors of an image, making decisions on how to increase or reduce tones in many different ways.

NBP Actions 10 are ideal for prepping an image for color grading, as they offer many ways to stabilize contrast, tonalities, white balance, and more. Perfect for right before you get creative with color!

In many instances, these Actions can take an image to complete color – just depends on your vision. To that end, these Actions are ideal for artists who prefer "true color" with minimal to no heavy grading, but still want a polished look.

  • Remove color casts from images, background, subject or all of the above.
  • Auto-tone and auto-harmonize images with their own average color tones.
  • Tonal contrast boosts based on average tones of images.
  • Linear contrast balancing.
  • Tone with shadows, midtones and highlights average colors.
  • Neutralize highlights and shadows in smart, instant ways.
  • And more...

I really recommend you watch the detailed overview video so you can get the full idea and premise behind this Actions set!

Contains 34 Actions with variations and setups for total tone control in your color correction and prep, created by Nino Batista.  

Compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer. Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system. 

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