Powerful, creative, easy to use portrait retouching tools for Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One Pro, created by Nino Batista for professionals and hobbyists. NBP also offers striking LUTs (Look Up Tables) for use in Photoshop and multiple video applications.

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NBP Actions for Photoshop

NBP Retouch Tools Actions are world renown for being powerful, practical, efficient and boosting creativity in your portrait retouching. 

Guaranteed compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer. Compatible with Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system. 

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Freyja Rae de Vil Color: Gradients and LUTs

Get inspired, explore color (and monochrome) with Freyja Rae de Vil Color.  Created by Nino Batista, inspired by or directly exported from his own layered work files, you can choose from several Gradient Sets for Photoshop, as well as LUTs (Look Up Tables) Collections for use in Adobe Photoshop as well as video apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, and many others.  

Save some cash when you purchase 5 or more Gradients or LUTs collections (mix and match).   Add 5 or more to your cart, then on checkout use code "NBPLUTS" to get 25% off your order of NBP Freyja Rae de Vil Gradients and LUTs. 

LUTs and Gradients guaranteed compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC20 or newer, and most all current video applications. LUTs come in 3DL, CUBE, CSP, and ICC formats (64 grid points).  Gradients are standard .grd files for use in the Gradients palette in Photoshop.  Compatible with Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system. 

Premium Tutorial Videos by Nino Batista

Nino Batista has taught on CreativeLive, created educational content for PRO EDU, spoken at numerous conferences, and has trained thousands of photographers on retouching since 2012.  His retouching tutorials are considered the gold standard for portrait retouching education, focusing on commercial-grade methods and efficiency in his instruction.   

Never forgetting that some are just starting their retouching journey, Nino works to provide educational content for beginners as well as working professionals.