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NBP Retouch Tools

NBP Actions 11: Selection + Blending + Masking Tools for Photoshop

NBP Actions 11: Selection + Blending + Masking Tools for Photoshop

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NBP Actions 11: Selection + Blending + Masking Tools:  From luminosity ranges to saturation ranges, and more. All with total control of precisely what you want selected. Great for literally everything: Color correction, luminosity correction, color grading, tons of utility adjustments and fixes, and more. Make complex and creative selections instantly, or tweak them exactly how you prefer, with NBP Actions 11.

  • Instantly select shadows, midtones or highlights of your image so you can then choose any adjustment layer to mask with.
  • Options include 3 levels of shadows, 2 levels of midtones, and 3 levels of highlights instantly.
  • Optional Manual option to dial in exactly the luminosity range you want to create masks with.
  • Select shadows (3 levels), midtones (2 levels), or highlights (3 levels) on just your subject, instantly.  
  • Manual options for selecting luminosity ranges on just your subject, too.
  • Instant selection of saturated areas (and desaturated areas) for creating perfect saturation masks on any layer.  
  • Instant/active toggling between different Blend If preset ranges, works on any layer instantly.  (adjust Blend If manually if you want, too).
  • Create an instant stockpile of luminosity masks to store in your Channels palette while you work, then purge them out instantly when done.

Check out the detailed overview video on NBP YouTube so you can learn more about it before you buy.  

Contains 39 Actions with variations and setups, created by Nino Batista.  

Compatible with Photoshop CC18 or newer. Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system. 

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