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NBP Actions 16: Texture Control Pro for Photoshop

NBP Actions 16: Texture Control Pro for Photoshop

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NBP Actions 16: Texture Control Pro:  Our next Pro Series line of Actions for Photoshop; time to upgrade your frequencies.  The power to control texture on your images, whether to dynamically sharpen existing texture or remove/reduce unwanted texture at specific frequencies, is something more photographers and retouchers do with classic "frequency separation" setups. But now, with NBP Actions 16: Texture Control Pro for Photoshop, you can ramp up the level of control and the level of flexibility for modifying texture of any kind: skin, hair, cloth/fabric, concrete/bricks, grain, sand, clouds, or really anything. Instead of committing to one type of frequency separation in your layer stack, you can have quick access to multiple frequencies at once, so you can dial in precisely the textures you want, where you want, and with the control you have always wanted. Think of it as Frequency Separation 3.0 with some of the best functions of NBP's now-discontinued Ultrasharp plugin.

Watch the videos on YouTube to learn how to use Texture Control Pro, and also tips and tricks about it here:  https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFvYZhSF9Pn-OAw71BIn5kpC6OiE6qm3m

Contains 4 key Actions and several helper Actions to give you total control of texture in a powerful, dynamic manner in Photoshop. 

Compatible with Photoshop CC23 or newer. Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system. 

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