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NBP Styles 4: Monochrome for Capture One Pro

NBP Styles 4: Monochrome for Capture One Pro

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NBP Styles 4: Monochrome for Capture One Pro.   Any type of raw processing in Capture One Pro creates the smoothest, cleanest and most dynamic results possible, and monochrome (black and white) conversion is no different. With Nino's Monochrome Styles for Capture One, you can explore his multiple ways of converting to black and white (across 60 Styles) to see how your images completely get transformed into monochrome works of art in a click.   Of course, you can adjust anything after you apply a Style, so the exploration opportunities are limitless.  Don't settle for simply removing color on your shots, explore NBP Styles 4: Monochrome, and watch your creative options explode.   It's also a great way to learn how Nino leverages multiple tools in Capture One to create his unique black and white effects.  Tip: Try out several different Monochrome Styles across several photo sets, and see how they become looks you'd never imagined, all with the cleanest results possible thanks to Capture One's color science.  

NBP Styles for Capture One Pro by Nino Batista are focused on increasing your workflow efficiency many times over, while getting you a pro-grade result in your raw prep. Stemming directly from Nino’s own raw processing workflow in Capture One Pro, these Styles will help you get the professional portrait results you’ve been wanting.

Requires Capture One Pro 21 or newer, Mac (Intel or M1) or any Windows system.

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