NBP Ambassadors

Photographic and retouching artists, renown in the industry for their skills, vision, creativity and leadership. NBP Ambassadors are a select group of curated artists who showcase and represent NBP Retouch Tools across the globe.



"I am a published Fine Art, portrait, fashion and surreal fashion photographer. I studied photography at the State Institute for Film and Television in Rome. I work for international fashion and fine art magazines and teach photography and retouching. I started more than fifteen years ago, working as an assistant in a photography studio, and was immediately attracted to images. My work continues to be in demand by many magazines around the world, and my fine art photos are sold online in the United States. I love working with digital art because I am also a graphic designer. I work and teach how to work with A.I., how to mix photography and digital arts through the best compositing techniques in Photoshop."

Website:  https://www.lucastorelli.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucastorelli



Jimmy is a self described "Glamour photographer who flirts with fashion."

He been around photography my entire life. His father was a part time photographer, specializing in high school senior portraits, and weddings. During family vacations, his parents would always gave him a camera to take pictures with. 

He picked up my first professional camera during his junior year of college. After 3 years of engineering, he needed a creative outlet. After he moved to San Antonio in 2011, he began to go to photography meetup groups. From there, he found that he truly enjoyed working with models, making great images and seeing those images in print. Since starting out in glamour photography, he had the pleasure to work with amazing industry professionals, and can't wait to work with many more.  

Website: https://www.jimmygphoto.us
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jimmygfoto



"Being one of the NBP Ambassadors has been a stellar experience.
Having the ability to be part of groundbreaking tutorials, retouch tools, and other things to assist colleagues in their photography journey brings joy to this lucha guy."

Website: https://theadseries.com
Instagram:  https://instagram.com/thephenomenal1adseries