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NBP SKN 1.1.1 Panel for Photoshop

NBP SKN 1.1.1 Panel for Photoshop

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NBP SKN 1.1.1 for Photoshop has transformed how portraitists edit skin and skin tone across the globe.

Ok, so why is this panel special if there are seemingly so many others like it? Well, for one, it doesn't just rely on "AI magic" for skin retouching, which often leads to unpredictable results and restricted creativity in quite a few ways. Instead, it's armed with familiar, tried and true editing functions that seasoned retouchers already know and love, but packaged in an easy to use panel that pros and beginners alike will hit the ground running with.

SKN was designed for flexibility in a familiar space: Your layers window.  Giving it its relaxed, adaptable style for your workflow. Unlike some impressive-but-rigid AI alternatives, SKN doesn't box you in to an interface where you have to commit to settings; it's your customized editing playground in ways you are likely already used to.

The panel was also engineered to be a fantastic tool for body skin, whereas most other plug-ins seem to focus on faces with body skin being secondary or not really focused on at all.  This focus makes SKN ideal for glamourboudoir, fashion and many fine art portrait applications.  

SKN's user-friendly interface and a comprehensive functions transform skin editing into a seamless process that's efficient and enjoyable. Sure, maybe SKN isn't for every edit or every project, but when speed and flexibility are a priority, this panel is a game changer and will help you in everything you do on skin editing.  

Please note, there are no specific needs for skin tone gradients based on any specific ethnicity. The gradients included on the panel are general tones that occur in all skin tones (in the digital imaging space) of all ethnicities. These gradients are applied as a "color wash" to enhance existing skin tone, regardless of ethnicity. It does not matter if the original skin tone starts very dark, or light, or more yellow or more red, it is a matter of enhancing what is there with the Tone functions of SKN.  Our panel was tested on countless portraits of people from numerous ethnicities and skin types in order to create the best balanced tool possible.  

SKN has been updated to version 1.1 as of February 2024.  Go to YouTube to see the new updates and how they work!

As a small bonus, we are also including a free download of our NBP Instagram Prep Actions for Photoshop along with SKN, which you will find inside your downloaded .zip file. 

Read the SKN announcement on PetaPixel.

SKN works on Windows and Mac (M1/M2/M3/Intel) platforms running Adobe Photoshop 24.5.0 or newer.  Your license key will be assigned to the email you use for purchase, and will be the same license key for FC3 if you use the same email address to buy that panel, too. 

See training videos about it on YouTube to learn how it works, or check a few out here.  And join us in the NBP Photo + Retouch Reserve on Facebook for all things photography, retouching and NBP.

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