NBP Retouch Tools
Frequently Asked Questions

When will the legacy NBP Plugins be upgraded to be Mac M1/M2/M3 and Adobe UXP native?
NBP is working to upgrade select NBP Plugins, including ColourmapX v2 (now known as CMX2) and Freqsep Control v3 (now known as FC3).  The future of other NBP legacy Plugins is still to be determined.

Are NBP Actions and NBP Styles native for Mac M1/M2/M3?
Every NBP Action and NBP Style is of course fully native and compatible with Mac M1, et al, and also with current Windows operating systems, as of Dec. 1, 2023.

Will NBP Actions work on Photoshop CS6?
It is not recommended to purchase any NBP tools for Photoshop if you only run CS6 because many things won't work correctly or won't work at all.

Where are the NBP Presets for Lightroom?
We have not yet had enough demand to consider building Presets for Lightroom, as we also believe it is a very saturated market.  As customer feedback and input changes, we will adapt accordingly.  For now, we have some of the most purposeful Styles for Capture One Pro for the raw processing market.  

More FAQ's to be added.