About NBP Retouch Tools

NBP Retouch Tools was founded in 2017 by acclaimed photographer, retoucher and educator Nino Batista via a partnership with Fixel Algorithms. Initially, NBP offered 4 Photoshop plugins with Fixel: Freqsep Control, ColourmapX, Lumizone and Ultrasharp.  While all the plugins were well received, NBP ColourmapX was a particularly explosive success, and became recognized in the industry as a creative, fun and powerful tool for color exploration in Photoshop.  Questions about future versions and/or support for these Plugins?  Email us at support@ninobatista.com.

Since 2019, NBP has expanded to include multiple collections of purposeful and dynamic Actions for Photoshop, practical and creative Styles for Capture One Pro, and due to demand also Presets for Lightroom (coming late summer 2022), as well as exciting color tools such as Freyja Rae de Vil Gradients for Photoshop and Freyja Rae de Vil LUTs for all sorts of creative photo and video use.   

These diverse tools were created by Nino Batista and are derived from his decades-long passion for digital editing, graphic design, portrait retouching, and video production.  

Starting in 2022, NBP Retouch Tools has brought on board their first ever official spokesmodel, the incredible artist, model, actress Freyja Rae de Vil.  

Always looking forward, NBP is constantly working on next-generation retouching tools, so stay tuned for announcements!