CMX2 Plugin for Photoshop

The most popular Photoshop plugin panel from NBP: CMX2. 

Introducing the cutting-edge CMX2, now equipped with a brand-new, smarter algorithm that effortlessly extracts palettes from your images, delivering incredibly useful and creative results. 

You'll love the ease and real-time control it offers, allowing you to adjust the palette gradient smoothness, mute specific color swatches, and instantly brighten or darken your entire palette. 

Want to experiment further? Change blend modes, adjust opacity, and fill on the fly, all with live updates. 

Plus, CMX2 empowers you to apply and modify palettes using blend-if directly from the panel, giving you precise luminosity range control in real-time. 

Dive deeper into the creative process with our Advanced Editor mode, which allows for meticulous palette analysis and micro-adjustments. Toggle individual color swatches on and off, fine-tune their properties with HSL adjustments, or even replace them entirely. 

Best of all, your palette settings are seamlessly saved in your CMX2 layers, so you can revisit and tweak them at any time. And for added convenience, save your favorite extracted palettes a presets for later use, and share them within the vibrant CMX2 community. 

Experience the future of palette extraction and manipulation with CMX2!

  • Brand new sophisticated algorithm extracts palettes from images smarter than ever, getting you immeasurably more useful and creative results.
  • Modify your extracted palette gradient smoothness instantly (and live).
  • Mute specific color swatches instantly (and live).
  • Brighten or darken your entire palette instantly (and live).
  • Change blend modes instantly (and live).
  • Adjust opacity and fill instantly (and live).
  • Apply and change palettes using blend-if directly from the panel for luminosity range control instantly (and live).
  • Advanced Editor mode for detailed palette analysis and micro adjusting, including individual color swatch toggling (on/off), modification (HSL) or complete replacement, and more (and live).
  • Palette settings are saved in your CMX2 layers so you can adjust them any time later.
  • Save your favorite extracted palettes for easy application later, and share them with the CMX2 community. 

System Requirements: Photoshop CC2022 (23.4.x) or later, Active Adobe Cloud subscription, permanent internet access.  

Compatible with Mac Intel, M1, M2 (Adobe UXP native) and Windows 10 & 11.

Personal license for 2 computers.



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