NBP CMX2 for Photoshop

The most anticipated Photoshop panel update in the world: CMX2 from NBP Retouch Tools.  Smarter, faster, more powerful.  M1 Mac native. Adobe UXP native. MacOS and Windows.  ColourmapX has evolved.  Coming late 2022.
  • Brand new, sophisticated algorithm extracts palettes from images smarter than ever, getting you 10x more useful and creative results.
  • Modify your extracted palette gradient smoothness instantly (and live).
  • Mute specific color swatches instantly (and live).
  • Brighten or darken your entire palette instantly (and live).
  • Change HSL settings for any color swatch instantly (and live).
  • Change blend modes instantly (and live).
  • Adjust opacity and fill instantly (and live).
  • Apply and change palettes using blend-if directly from the panel for luminosity control instantly (and live).
  • Advanced Editor mode for detailed palette analysis and micro adjusting.
  • Settings are saved in your CMX2 layers so you can adjust them any time later.
  • Save your favorite extracted palettes for easy application later, and share them with the CMX2 community.
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